The Story Continues..

space wall mural

Back in August, we brought on Caitlin as an intern. She is a Digital Art graduate from UWS who was trying to land her first grad job. She has been a web design enthusiast since a young age, and was trying to get back into this sector as her career. Caitlin was beginning the process of building her part-time business website from scratch, and our offer of an internship meant she had access to help from us if needed.

A couple of weeks ago, Caitlin joined us on a full-time basis to learn to become a developer through our training (think “wax on, wax off”) Caitlin has been designing our new t-shirts and mugs, these are heading to a client site near you soon, as well as getting up to speed with content editing client websites. In the New Year, when the weather improves, we will let her spread her wings and try some flying. Caitlin has also been great in helping Rosie, our studio partner, BlueStar Streamings’ intern, to create our fun, space-themed wall mural for the new office, which we hoped to have finished by Christmas, but isn’t far from completion now.

Caitlin has been an amazing addition to the team, bringing her own style, and energy to the studio.

Caitlin and Ash will be let loose on Sitecore as soon as possible, this will allow us to move forward with our plans for world domination aka Sitecore partnership.

Overall, its been a fantastic few months, we are excited to see what 2019 holds for us here at Arktouros, with old clients coming back for more, and new projects on the horizon.