The Story So Far..

New Office

It has been a while since our last blog post, but we have had lots of great things going on, so let’s have a bit of a catch up.

Around six months ago, we brought Ash on to our dev team. Ash has a longstanding history in programming, games design, and development, having worked in the industry for over ten years, and recently graduating from the UWS Game Development course.

Ash has been helping us with the front end side of our current big build project, which is all very hush hush for now. He is doing a fantastic job.

Ash is very quickly becoming a core part of the team, with our aspirations for VR/AR and 360 immersive video, he will be key to making this a success.

In other news, we have also moved! We are now based at our new office space along the street at The Galleries, 151 Broad Street, G40 2QR. A bigger office space has allowed us to do more, as well as expand the team, feel free to drop by for a coffee / beer, more on this in another post.