Other side of the fence

As I hope you are aware, I have been working with the Sitecore platform for nearly 8 years now, and have developed against / enhanced it for a multitude of projects/sites which I have enjoyed immensely, and I am yet to find a limitation to the platform.

More recently I have had the pleasure of working directly with the Sitecore Professional Services team, working on the new v9.x EXM platform to extend the event tracking capabilities, and integration with 3rd party systems, it was extremely strange working inside the Sitecore namespace, rather than on a clients codebase. It felt like I had made it to the top table of Sitecore developers in Europe.

It was an amazing experience, working with the product teams, architects, developers and 3rd party suppliers, this really gave me a fuller appreciation for the entire platform, the passion that the teams show for the individual products that make up Sitecore CXP is commendable, and give me hope for the future of the platform.

so what insights I have gathered working on a large scale Sitecore 9 project, with Sitecore Professional Services…

I love xConnect, it makes working with contact data so much easier. No more complex custom queries into the Analytics DB, a few simple API calls and you have what you need. easily extendable using custom facets, and the speed it works at is quite remarkable.

  • Full Azure PaaS support, with simple setup
  • EXM works brilliantly (available in  v9 Update 1)
  • Solr has its quirks, but that was more to do wiht he Azure environment, so can’t really blame Solr
  • Everything is polished nicely and feels more robust that previous releases.

There are tons of other new features that I have yet to fully explore.

one main thing I picked up, was always allow extra time for 3rd party suppliers to complete tasks, no matter how big your organisation is.

if you have a problem with your Sitecore implementation or need a new one, get in touch we can help you out, no matter what version you are running.