2017: one of the best

As another year draws to a close, we look back to all the projects, clients and moments that have made 2017 an amazing year.

We kicked off the year completing a very complex integration between Sitecore and WorkTribe for an Edinburgh based university.

Then we moved onto some agency assistance, which is when larger agencies need help with their Sitecore projects, whether it is performance tuning an existing solution, or advising on best practice for new projects. This carried on for many weeks, covering many different agencies across the UK, and a number of different end clients.

After this, we headed back to the land of academia, this time to the team down at a Newcastle based university. They needed help with a newly delivered Sitecore implementation, which needed substantial reworking, performance tuning, and tidying up.

As the late summer beckoned I took the chance to fulfil a long-time goal, to become a CAA Approved UAV Pilot, after weeks of studying, flight practise, 3 exams, and a ton of paperwork, I did it, we are a fully registered, insured and legally operating UAV business.

Not long after, it was back to the world of development. Like a football player getting called up to the national team, Sitecore UK called us up to help them with a multi-national client looking to implement EXM on Sitecore 9, for a very large-scale project. We couldn’t believe it. all those late nights, all those weekends putting in the hours, learning the platform inside and out, has paid off, to work with such a great team within Sitecore, and to get the recognition as one of the most experienced developers in the Sitecore community.

2017 has been humbling, challenging, massively rewarding, and amazing.

We look forward to 2018 with new projects lining up, new challenges, new experiences, and new opportunities.

We can’t thank our clients, partners and collaborators enough, without you folks, this dream would never have taken off.

Hope you have a wonderful new year and all the best for 2018.