The sky’s the limit…..

or so they say, but not for us anymore.

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) journey started way back in 2013, when we built our first drone, it didn’t end well.

A few years later and a new chapter for Arktouros, we are still offering the same expert level of development/marketing skills and experience, but we are now offering aerial video and photography to our ever growing list of services.

It has taken months of studying, flying, assessments, legal paperwork (lots of!), blood, sweat and tears, but we have made it, we have become fully accredited with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and are able to now offer our services, for video, photography, and building / land surveys.

We are very excited about this, as we have always wanted to fly like birds an this is the closest I think we are going to get, well until we perfect that jet-pack.

So, if you are putting together a promotional video, and want that shot that only a UAV can get, or you feel the need to be followed around by an autonomous flying vehicle, we are always here to assist.

Our  aircraft of choice is the DJI MavicPro; its small, lightweight construction makes it perfect for nearly all applications (it even folds down to fit in a very small bag), and the silky smooth 4K video is incredible.

We also think our flying has improved:

If you would like more information, or just to chat about what we can offer, please get in touch.

just for entertainment, here is our maiden flight, back in 2013, how things have improved: