Gentlemen start your engines… Sitecore is slow, yeah?

Working with a client recently who had a bad experience with Sitecore performance, I came up with what I thought was a very good analogy for a poorly performing Sitecore based site.

Think of a website as a car, we have the chassis which is the base technology that the site is built with, say Sitecore, this is supplied direct from the manufacturer in a way that you can bolt on whatever you like, great.

We put our nice chassis on a lovely set of .NET wheels, with fully adjustable SQL and MongoDB suspension, so it rides like a dream.

So we have the lovely shiny, sleek, factory provided chassis, and we have bolted on the other factory provided components, it is time to build the rest of the car.

The garage manager finds an old engine and gearbox (code base) sat at the back of the garage, and to save a few quid, tells the mechanics to use that, it runs and it sounds good, the client will never look under the bonnet, so it will be fine.

the garage then installs a lovely hand stitched leather interior (HTML) and a beautifully crafted body (Design), to wrap the lovely chassis and second hand drive train.

The car looks great, and the client is happy with what the garage has produced.

Even without a test drive, they hand over their cash and drive away with a smile on their face. High fives all round in the garage, job well done, onto the next one.

2 weeks later as the new owner proudly rolls up to a set of lights, they look over to the car beside them. It’s another custom car, which has the same chassis, wheels and suspension, but was built by another garage. They size each other up and decide to see which is faster, the traditional ¼ mile stop light, to stop light should sort the men from the boys.

The client revs their engine, they wait for the lights to change, and the client pushes the throttle pedal as far as it will go, and drops the clutch…

They take off with a burst of speed, and a cloud of smoke from the tires, but quickly they notice a problem, the engine doesn’t sound right, the gearbox is making some unusual grinding noises. The opponent is starting to pull away, the client mashes the throttle again, but nothing more can be done, the old engine has given its all, and just can’t live up to the promises that were given by the garage, the opponent blasts past the next set of lights, leaving you in their dust. You limp the car home, and park it in the garage, never to see the ¼ mile again.

So the moral of this story is you don’t point the finger of blame at the factory provided chassis, wheels or suspension for a poorly performing car, blame the guys who managed the build of it, and told the mechanics to shoved in that old inefficient engine and clunky gearbox.

Arktouros are specialist Sitecore mechanics, we can upgrade your existing engine and gearbox, even tweak the chassis and suspension so you get the best performance out of your car.

If you are having performance problems with your car site, get in touch and we can help you out.